Meet Mr. Kiren

My name is Kiran Osuji, I’m a native of IBEME Umudum. I sustained a spinal cord injury for many years now.

Before my accident I was engaged to my wife, we had two sons, after my accident i married my wife who is so much support to me.

When I had my accident life became unbearable for my family and I. People I know stigmatized on me, only but few friends I know visited me. For more than eighteen years I and my family have been struggling to feed, I find it difficult to get my medication or visit a doctor when am sick. The taught of being at a place consumed me mostly on how I can help my family to survive.

For many years my wheelchair got broken, I became less active and mostly bedridden, I lay on a broken bed without a mattress for a very long time. My pain grew and I couldn’t know who to turn to for support.

The joy I have today is because Dubel Disability Foundation visited me and provided me with lots of items that I desired to live with. Some of it was a ground orthopadic mattress, in fact the mattress helped me so much to lay comfortably well. I was also giving a an orthopedic wheelchair which sorts my present condition because my kneels are unable to fold. The wheelchair is the reason why I’m active and resourceful today, I was able to go sell water with the wheelchair to earn something no matter how small it’s.

Dubel Disability Foundation provided me with a lot more, I thank them so much and God continue to bless them.