Birthday Celebration – Onwubariri Emmanuel Chidube

Am grateful to life for not giving up irrespective of my pain and struggles that comes with living with sci mostly as I live in a small village.

Gratitude to many who surprised me on my birthday 25th December. Many I never extended an invitation to.  People trooped in numbers, mostly dignitaries to celebrate with me and to congratulate me for Dubel having become successful. The few outreach work done by Dubel is amazing and one of a kind and non to reckon with.

I believe in the future that Dubel is gonna be more fruitful, considering from the impact made, reaching out to more person with sci and giving them hope and comfort is our goal.

My life was once a battlefield with lots of dead dreams ever since I sustained a spinal cord injury today my life is a blessing to most people who have no hope at all.

Dubel and it’s sponsors are unique in a way, Dubel’s growth is not its making but by people’s choice, in appreciation, thanks to everyone one who understands and contributes to the success of Dubel.