Setting Up Zion’s Room – Sponsored by Anja K. and Richard K.

Today, the Dubel Disability Foundation visited Mr. Zion Chichetam who has a C(1-5) complete spinal cord injury. Mr. Zion has for a very long period been lying on the floor, with little or no help to help him go out, the young man found himself staying in doors all the time. Zion was in need of a mattress and cover, a rechargeable fan, a rechargeable lantern, and a TV set for little comfort and entertainment.

I sincerely thank Mrs. Anja and Mr. Richard. Mrs. Anja who out of love and kindness donated a TV set and other things.
Mr Richard who donated for the mattress and cover. I can only say God bless you for putting a big smile on the face of Mr Zion chichetam. Many Thanks and God bless you!