People in Nigeria with Spinal Cord Injury and other Disabilities Urgently Need Your Help!

Persons with spinal cord injury in Nigeria face many challenges such as not being able to obtain proper medications, or even get sufficient food. They are stigmatized and ignored, making it almost impossible for them to make money to support themselves. Most spend most of their time indoors because they don’t have a proper wheelchair ramp to leave their home independently.  Many people with spinal cord injury are living with pressure sores and other medical problems. They are not able to afford going to the hospital for needed care and treatments. Local transportation systems are inaccessible and make no accommodations for wheelchair users.

These are just a few of the problems faced by Nigerians with disabilities.  The Dubel Disability Foundation is a tiny volunteer organization that is doing all it can to enable people with spinal cord injury survive in this difficult living environment. It urgently needs your help! Even a little bit of aid can make a large difference in turning someone into a productive and valued member of society.

The Founder

Emmanuel Chidube

Emmanuel Chidube studied for and planned on becoming an engineer. His father was the Chief of Police for thirty-five years in his village of Oka before retiring. Twelve years ago, Emmanuel was severely injured in an automobile accident which left him with a complete spinal cord injury at T(6-7). 

Emmanuel’s injury has resulted in constant neurological pain. He is currently battling a pressure sore. Despite his own lack of access to proper medical care and basic medical supplies for himself, Emmanuel is determined to help others in similar circumstances. That’s why he created and runs the Dubel Disability Foundation.

He has been tireless in his quest to help others with spinal cord injury.

Man in wheelchair
Nongovernmental agency certificate
Man in wheelchair outside a home

Supported by the 501(c) 3 nonprofit SCI Network Project/NOT-ME! Inc.

Due to logistical and banking issues, the Dubel Disability Foundation is heavily supported by the United States nonprofit SCI Network Project/NOT-ME! (FID# 20-5305400) which was founded by Erik Kondo. Justin Pines and Phil Hunt are also primary supporters.

Man in wheelchair with mountains in the background.