Meet some of the Supporters of the Dubel Disability Foundation who also have a spinal cord injury.  As full time wheelchair users, they all know how life changing having a proper wheelchair can be for living an enjoyable and productive life.

Erik Kondo

Lives in Massachusetts and enjoys skateboarding.

Dylan Krapf

Loves a thrill and lives in Colorado.

Justin Pines

Lives in Colorado and likes to bike and ski.

David Lebuser

Enjoys WCMX and lives in Germany.

Phil Hunt

Is a retired mechanic from Pennsylvania.

Elena Tyurina

Is a medical researcher and model.

Dave Gillispie

Enjoys being in nature and is a scientist.

George Robinson

Actor in the British TV series - Sex Education.

Jillian Harpin

Financial analyst and adventure seeker.

Jeff Snell

Builds medical AI and lives in a bus.

Walter Fleury

Plays the guitar and lives in New Hampshire.

Tara Shett

Likes to wheelie and vlogs about disability.

Jack Patterson

Loves to hun and lives in Florida.

Mathew Klos

Is a photographer from Massachusetts.

Roy Tuscany

Founder of the High Fives Foundation.

David Wieselmann

Kayaks frequently.

Tim Olson

Loves the outdoors and helping people.

Caroline Adams

Lover of the great outdoors & adventures.

Vincenzo Piscapo

Founder of Wheels of Happiness.

Naomi Clark

Likes to handcycle and lives in Western Mass.

Roxanna Dobrica

Is an author and model and lives in Italy.

Kenneth Keitt

CEO of ParaPer4mance in Pennsylvania.

Marcel Welschbillig

Rides his bike with his kids as much as he can.

Chiara Schlatter

Models and bounces down stairs.

Reveca Torres

Founder of BACKBONES nonprofit.