An Update from Celestine

Wow! My mouth will not stop thanking the Dubel Disability Foundation and Mr Erik for the wonderful things he has been doing through Dubel Disability Foundation.

Dubel Disability Foundation thank you for giving meĀ  the opportunity to have a new life better than my formal dwelling. HavingĀ  sponsored my move to this new location and having rented a standard apartment for me, my life has changed for the better.

I can now be able to come out associate with the society visit places I want to visit with ease , without anybody having to carry me on the back down from the mountain where I live before I can move.

I have now also became more independent in my little ways I can enter the kitchen prepared food, Wash plates time of emergency I can be able to reach out to someone who will come immediately in shot period of time . once again thank you Mr Erik, thank you Dubel Disability Foundation.