Saving Janet

woman on bed surrounded by supplies

On 14/08/2022 Dubel Disability Foundation was called by Mis Janet Udoh Edidiong. We were able to find out that her condition is real and she’s in dire need of help.

On our findings she had her injury in Imo State on 5th October 2021. She’s a graduate of Imo State University. She studied Nursing. Why going to her school for clearance she had a car accident and that resulted in her spinal cord injury. Due to lack of funds she couldn’t continue her clearance to further her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Mis Janet Udoh Edidiong was relocated to her village in Akwa Ibom State. Where her poor parents are managing her case. She developed a pressure sore on her butt, this is as a result of being bedridden due to lack of a proper mattress, a good wheelchair to sit up on and heat.