Bringing Aid to Celestine – Sponsored by Anja K.

Recently, Emmanuel traveled several hours¬† Celestine’s rural village to bring him a mattress, a new wheelchair and some basic needs. But before going, Emmanuel had to spend the day in the city battling a blazing sun and a car breakdown to purchase the necessary supplies.¬†

Celestine lives on the top of a hill which is completely inaccessible by wheelchair. In fact, Emmanuel had to be carried by two men to reach his home. Celestine has been stuck in his room for over a decade, lying on a broken mattress. His wheelchair was severely rusted and barely functioned. Our hope for the future is to enable Celestine to move to a more suitable location where he can use his wheelchair to get outside.

The people of Celestine’s village were amazed by the goods provided by the Dubel Foundation. They had never seen this type of generosity to help someone with a disability in their lives.

This Outreach was made possible by a donation from Anja K. who has been a strong supporter of the Dubel Foundation and several other outreaches to others in need.

Before Outreach

Dubel Arrives