A Real Mattress for Mr. Nmaduakulam

My name is Nmaduakulam, Oyedikachi. I am thirty three years old. Three years ago. I fell from a palm tree and sustained a spinal cord injury. I was admitted in the federal Medical Center Umuahia for three months. The doctors tried all they could, but decided that am completely paralyzed from the waist to my toes. It was really a tough situation for me, I had a new born baby four months before my injury.

For the past three years, I have suffered mostly from pressure sores which have happened because I have been lying on a raffia/wood bed without a mattress on it. It has been really rough for me as a person with spinal cord injury. My family is poor and can not afford a mattress for me.

I am a father of four kids. My mother helps me take care of them. But now my mother is very sick and has gone to the hospital.

My challenges are primarily helping my kids, getting my supplies, food, a wheelchair to move around and getting an accessible ramp to enable me wheel out from my house.