An Update from Ibemere Zion Chichetam

My name is Zion Chichetam.  I have been a quadriplegic since 24 October 2010. During this time, I have faced a lot of medical difficulties such as severe constipation and blood in my urine. One time, I was rushed to Imo Hospital because I was bleeding through my catheter.  

My life has been tough. But by God’s grace and the help of the Dubel Foundation I have been released from some of these challenges. Before I was lying down on a little mattress on the floor that would cause me to become cold at night. But now with the help of the Dubel Foundation I have a good and comfortable mattress. I no longer catch cold.
I  have also had a turning problem where I was not able to turn myself over in bed. The foundation brought me a plywood platform with rope that enables me to turn from side to side. Turning in bed both makes me more comfortable and helps prevent me from getting pressure sores.

I now have the desire to learn how to type on a computer.  I will need to help myself in future because my parents are both aged. My mom is sick. She suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Life has not been easy for me. I am honestly very grateful to everyone of you who has been helping me to survive in my condition. I I want to thank you all and God bless you.