The Importance of Safety and Peace of Mind – Onwubariri Emmanuel Chidube

For several years now, I have been living in a house without glass windows with only wooden shutters to close the openings. The door to my apartment was broken during a burglary and it was never repaired since I had no means to fix it.

My home is very close to the bush owned by a neighboring farmer. Many times, creatures like snakes and other dangerous insects are able to crawl into the house through the openings. The same applies to burglars who sneak through the bush when the house is empty to break in and steal my property. I have been a victim of this situation several times in the past.

Without having a secure home, I have been afraid while in my house of who or what might come in. I have also been afraid that my few possessions would be stolen while I am away.

Thanks to Erik K, we changed my old broken door to a new strong one with a secure lock. The wooden shutter windows in my bedroom and bathroom are now glass with bars for protection from burgers. These repairs have greatly improved my sense of comfort and safety!