A Request for Help from Celestine Nwankwo

My name is Celestine Nwankwo. I’m a native of Ugwueme in Awgu LGA Enugu State, Nigeria. I am twenty nine years old. Thirteen years ago, I sustained a spinal cord injury at the age of sixteen. My injury was as a result of an accident while playing with a school mate, I fell down striking my neck violently on the ground in our school compound. I was immediately unable to move any part of my body. I was rushed to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) where I was admitted for two months.

The doctor suggested that I should go abroad for my surgery, but due to lack of funds, my poor mother was unable to help me. I was discharged because the doctors couldn’t really do anything to help my condition.

After I was discharged, my poor mother was able to raise some funds through my relatives to pay for my hospital bills. I was brought back to my village here in Ugwueme. A native doctor was invited to treat my spine, but because there was no improvement from his methods, I discontinued getting treatments from him.

Ever since that time, I have always been in my room. I have not gone outside the house. Not even going for medical checkups when I am sick. My poor mother can not afford to pay for my checkups.
Even though I am suffering from pains, spasms, and a pressure sore, I receive no medical treatment.

I have been able to survive because my aged mother has been helping me. She has been the one discharging and disposing of my urine and bowel movements thatI do on bed because I don’t have access to a toilet. My mother is also suffering from diabetes.

My hands are partially affected because my injury level is C5. The worst part of my life is the pain and stress of seeing my mother go through her own pain. Her condition is always breaking my heart. I’m the one that’s supposed to be taking care of her, but the reverse is the case.

Dear good hearted people, I’m calling on all of you, in whichever way you can, to support us. Please we need your help. Life is not easy for me, especially during this hard time. Providing for our daily needs like feeding, buying adult diapers, suppositories, catheters and urine bags, and my mom’s medications is beyond our ability. My relatives have suffered and spent so much on us. These days things are very hard for us. My mother’s health is now getting worse. It is only me and her that live in our house here in my village. No one else here to help. Without her, I don’t know what I am going to do.

Please Dubel Disability Foundation, I’m in dire need of a decent mattress and a wheelchair. The mattress will enable my sore to better heal. And a wheelchair will enable me to go out of my room for the first time in many years.