Here are some examples of the outreaches to people we are currently helping. 

Unfortunately, due to lack of assistance provided any assistance for people with disabilities, they are left without the means to support themselves and are barely able to survive with almost nothing. All donations will be processed through the Massachusetts 501(c)3 nonprofit NOT-ME! Federal Tax-ID 20-5305400.exam

Successful Outreach – Sponsored by Erik K.

With a donation, Emmanuel purchased food and supplies and delivered them to an entire family who are all blind, despite being caught in a two hour traffic jam and experiencing a car breakdown

Successful Outreach – Sponsored by Anja K.

Using a donation, Emmanuel was able to purchase and deliver bottled water, a kerosene stove, a rechargeable lantern, and a standing fan for Francis. The stove will allow Francis to cook from his home so he will not have to use the outside firepit which is dangerous for wheelchair users. The lantern will give him light at night when the power has been shut off. The fan will help him sleep and provide cooling to aid the healing of his pressure sore.

Successful Outreach – Sponsored by Erik K.

After visiting Chijioke Mbawuike on June 1st and seeing his dire situatiion, Emmanuel returned to provide some basic needs in order to make Chijioke’s life a little more comfortable. Sadly, Chijioke is a high level quadriplegic who is lacking basic medical care and sufficient food. He has only his grandmother to care for him.

Successful Dwelling Repair – Sponsored by Julie R.

The rainy season is starting and it was critical that Francis dwelling was repaired. He lives with his young son in single room. Using a donation, Emmanuel was able to get Francis’ roof repaired, a concrete ramp was poured, and his room was painted. Francis also received some new clothes and sandals. And very importantly, his rain barrel was replaced because it was recently stolen.

Francis sits outside with his young son standing next to him.